Experiences at Escape Room Lancaster


You and your teammates find yourselves teleported onto an alien spaceship with twelve other crewmates, one of which is causing mischief and mayhem for the innocents.

You and your teammates must complete the tasks onboard and find the imposter before you find yourself amongst the victims.

You'll find yourselves working diligently all while trying to ask, 

"Who is the Imposter?"


A fast moving, time traveling vehicle has brought you back to the 1980's!

Your hair is big and the music is loud, and your friends and family won't believe you were here unless you return with some proof. 

The only way to escape and get back to 2020's is by securing 3 iconic 80's pop cultural items.

Find and secure 3 artifacts, or you'll be stuck in the 80's forever!


Your team of paleontologists has embarked on a journey to an isolated island.

While attempting to land,
the helicopter catches on some canopy and loses some parts.

In your quest to recover the missing pieces, your team comes across a research facility and some creatures appear to be missing.

Can you escape off the island without a close encounter?


The most notorious unsolved mystery of London occurred in the 1880's in the streets of the Whitechapel District.

At least five of the unsolved cases are generally agreed to be the work of a single serial killer, "Jack The Ripper."

Scotland Yard called upon you to work as Sherlock's assistants.

Can you determine the identity of Jack the Ripper and find his murder weapon before he claims his next victim?

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