Private Events/Team Building

Corporate Team Building

ESCAPE ROOM LANCASTER has hosted many local companies for team building events. We can accommodate up to 30 people in our facility at one time. Large groups will need to be separated into smaller groups of 6-10 people, which we do by utilizing all 3 of our rooms simultaneously.

Teams will exercise Cooperation, Communication, Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking to be successful. Work groups will have the opportunity to work together in a new way and identify individual and group strengths and challenges.

Customized Booking

Large groups may book outside of our regular business hours Mondays through Fridays. This is a great option for work groups interested in team building/competitions.

INCLUDES: Use of our reception areas for 30-60 minutes following the escape for team building discussion. You can supply catered food for off-hour, customized bookings.

Please complete this form with the following information to help us send your group the appropriate information on cost and availability

Private Group Bookings

PRIVATE GROUP BOOKINGS: During regular hours, private groups of 12 or less can book one room through the BOOK NOW page of our on-line reservation system. Click “8” under participants to see which rooms have the entire room available. After booking all 8 spots, you can use the option to add 1-4 extra spots. These extra participants after the first 8 are only $20 each!

If more than one room with them starting at the same time is required during our normal business hours, please CONTACT US. We will block off rooms before and after your booking to ensure there are not others finishing a room when you want to start. Private party rates apply.